Craigsville Southern Baptist Church was founded in 1904 and was originally called the Fordwick Baptist Church.  The services and Sunday School were held in a room upstairs in the Lehigh Cement Company near the county bridge until 1905.  Pastor R.F. Staples was secured as pastor.  He was just out of college and served as a pastor for Craigsville, Deerfield and Fordwick churches.   He preached at the Fordwick church twice a month. 

The construction on the new church building was started in late 1904.  On October 15, 1905 the building was dedicated.  Those in attendance were Dr. Charles Manly of Lexington, Virginia; Rev. John H. Taylor of Laurel Hill, Virginia; Rev. P. Swan of Goshen, Virginia and    Pastor R.F. Staples.  The first sermon preached in the new building was from Isaiah 66:1.   In February 1906, the church held its first revival service. 

From 1907-1911 under Pastor J. Sydney Cubb, he Craigsville and Fordwick churches merged together and became one, selling the Craigsville Church.  He also helped to bring the people of the church together and pay off the debt of the new church.  A building project was launched to build a parsonage under his pastoral as well.   

In 1914, O.S. Wallace and W.F. Angus were the first elected deacons to serve.  Under the leadership of Rev. D.F. Lancaster from 1923-1927, construction work was completed to include Sunday School rooms and construction  the road leading to the church.  Also during this time, the following persons were elected as first of each position: J.E. Hill was elected Financial Secretary and H. L. Stewart was elected as Treasurer of Current Expenses and Charles Trainum was elected as Treasurer of Benevolence and Brother Johnson oversaw Sunday School. 

 In 1928, the Fordwick Church burned down.  The congregation worshipped in the Greystone Inn until the building of the Craigsville Church was completed in 1932.  It is unknown at this time when the name changed to Craigsville Southern Baptist Church. 

There were many pastors over the years.  Some leaving everlasting imprints of many hearts in the community. 

In 2014, Pastor Tom Quick became the pastor of Craigsville    Southern Baptist Church and remains the pastor to date.

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